House Of Mook

House Of Mook is a rehearsal rooms based in Meanwood, LS6 where my equipment lives and where I do most of my recording

Mook has been servicing the good bands of Leeds as rehearsal and recording studio for over 10 years. For full details, visit their website here

Rates for recording at House Of Mook recording are £150/day

A selection of the accumulated gear at Mook:

Soundtrax 32-8 mixing desk
Motu 24 I/O
Logic Pro 9 w/ Mac G5 & UAD-1 Plug-In card, Melodyne + more

TL Audio 5013 Parametric EQ
DBX 266 Compressor / Gate
Drawmer, Alesis and more Compressor / Gates
Korg DTR-1000 Rack Tuner

Royer 121
Sennhesier Blackfire 541
SE 1a
Shure SM85 x2
Selection of Sennheiser 421’s
Selection of Shure SM57’s
Selection of Shure SM58’s

Fender Telecaster Custom (‘72 Reissue)
Fender Telecaster Deluxe (‘72 Reissue)
Gibson Blueshawk
Gibson Les Paul Custom
Hohner Congress (1967)
Kramer 650G (1979)
Tangelwood 12-String Acoustic
Fender Precision Bass Guitar

Fender Tonemaster amp
Marshall JCM900
Orange AD30
Orange AD-200
Orange 2x12 cab
Marshall 4x12
Orange 4x10
Orange 1x15

Korg MS2000
Casio Casiotone 101
Ozonic Midi Keyboard

Akai Headrush
Zvex Fuzz Factory
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff (Russian)
MXR Blue Box
Boss DD-3 Delay 
Boss CE-5 Chorus
Danelectro Daddy-O

Crucially, within a matter of yards you can enjoy Waitrose, East Of Arcadia, Alfred Bar, Fanoos, China Jade, Kirkby’s Fish & Chips, 5 Star Chef, Marcel’s, Maria’s and if you’re that way inclined KFC, Greggs and more

House Of Mook, Authorpe Works, Authorpe Road, Leeds, LS6 4JB, UK | +44 113 230 4008

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