Jon Gomm - Secret’s Nobody Keeps - Release

Through last Summer I produced & mixed Jon’s new album Secret’s Nobody Keeps featuring new version of his well known tracks Passionflower & Ain’t Nobody. We worked together a lot to get the sound Jon wanted from the record, as well as add a few flourishes. 

Produced and mixed by whiskas. Engineered and co-produced by Jon Gomm

You can stream & purchase the entire album on his website -

Jon has made numerous videos using the audio from the albums, a couple of which are below:

Sam Airey - Station Approach

For most of this year, I’ve been working on and off on Sam Airey's forthcoming debut album. The first track from which is Station Approach, which was released late June and racked up numerous plays across BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music and playlisted at Amazing Radio

Recorded, Produced & Mixed by whiskas.

Kleine Schweine - Lech’s Get Ready To Rhumble / Kim Jong Merrily On High


Not mentioned below, was this new double A-side released from Kleine Schweine in December last year - Lech’s Get Ready To Rhumble / Kim Jong Merrily On High.

Recorded at Greenmount Studios and mixed by whiskas.

July 2014

Updating this blog has been on my to-do list for about a year. The day job has kept me busy, and after working on Jon Gomm's album last year, most of this year has been working on Sam Airey's album in fits & starts. In the meantime I've also co-mixed a new EP by Devious Dogs.

Jon Gomm - Secrets Nobody Keeps

I’m currently in the middle of producing & mixing the forthcoming album from virtuoso guitar player Jon Gomm - a tricky task between Jon’s touring to China, South Africa & more!!

Jon has launched a Pledge Campaign to help fund the new album, and you can pledge for the album, and get it before anybody else here:

Soul Circus - A Win, A Defeat

Last Summer, myself & the Soul Circus boys spent a while holed up perfecting what was to evenutally be their ‘A Win, A Defeat’ EP.

Eventually, as the band has unfortunately split up since we recorded it, and the tracks only saw the light of day a couple of months ago. 

Which is all a shame, as I think the tracks are ace & I’m very proud of the job I did on ‘em

This Christmas


…or last Christmas to be precise. Following on from my Honour Before Glory cover of A Spaceman Came Travelling last year, I was involved in two Christmas tracks as part of Anthologies & Hide & Seek's charity album This Christmas

I teamed up with Sam Airey for another Honour Before Glory track, this time a cover of (Simply Having A) Wonderful Christmastime. All programmed, produced & mixed by myself. It should also prompt me to write another post on new things I’m using this at it features numerous iOS instruments for super fun times.


Secondly, I produced Stalking Horses Beach Boys' cover Morning Christmas, then mixed by their regular collaborator James Kenosha

These tracks and many others on the album were made at the studios at Leeds Metropolitan University as we collaborated on the project. You can download the album for a charitable donation at

The ABC Club - Number 43


This is a co-production I did back in 2008 with my mate and all round brilliant producer Whiskas.  At the time Whiskas was looking into getting into production and we were wanted to do something together and was managing The ABC Club at the time.  They were new to the studio, but Whiskas wasn’t and the time and detail he spent on guitar tone was amazing to watch and his handy work is really evident here.  I learnt loads from him about working with guitarists, probably more than he did from me about working in the studio as he had recorded two albums with some great producers.

But he was generous and gave me loads to space to work and put in my ideas and thoughts. The band were a quiet bunch, quite intense, but really good and I love this song still.  The band have subsequently split up, but this record still stands up.  It was chosen in Steve Lamaq’s top 60 of the year, which was a real thrill for me.

I hope I’ll get to work with Whiskas again in the future, I’m sure he’ll teach me even more!

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Sam Airey - Whiskey In The Jar

In Summer, Sam Airey and I teamed up once again - this time to record a bonus track to giveaway with his new Blackout Beer - his take on the ol’ classic Whiskey In The Jar

Kleine Schweine - The Party

Over the Summer I produced the debut full length from Leeds punk upstarts Kleine Schweine, having previously worked on 2 singles that would appear alongside 8 new tracks.

The album was fund by a Pledge Music campaign, which led to much jollity in the studio, including an afternoon of guest backing singing, featuring the immitable Tom Robinson that deviated into a fully fledged singalong

The album was released on Monday 5th November through my own Listen To The Silence imprint that previously released the Honour Before Glory album

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